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Generous people plan to do what is generous, and they stand firm in their generosity. - Isaiah 32:8 NLT

Visioneering is all about building the vision of the church through financial leadership. It’s about generous people connecting their hearts and resources to the things that matter to God. It’s for anyone who feels called to advance the Kingdom of God and mission of Velocity by giving over and above their normal tithes and offerings.

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Our Visioneering team has led the way financially for dozens of projects impacting Our Future, Our City, and Our World! This year we were able to invest in our Velocity Kids space as well as plan for security improvements to our facility because of the generosity of our Visioneering Team. Visioneering leads the way and opens the door for the rest of our church to make an impact in our three key areas. If you have the gift of generosity, join us in accelerating the mission!

Our Impact


Our Future

Expanding and improving our locations to reach more people and change more lives with emphasis on the next generation.


Our City

Equipping local outreach and community partners serving the hurting and the lost.


Our World

Resourcing national and global organizations focused on advancing the mission of Jesus and building the Church.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone join Visioneering?


Visioneering is open to everyone, but we know it won’t be for everyone. Our Visioneering Team is a group of people with the gift of giving.  By practicing consistent, sacrificial giving, we are able to accelerate the mission of our church. Visioneering Team members commit to giving their tithe (10% of income) as well as a minimum of $5,000 above the tithe per year.

Is Visioneering a campaign?


Visioneering is not a campaign, it’s a culture.  Campaigns start and end, but fueling the vision of our church is ongoing.

What happens if I am unable to fulfill my commitment?


We know that sometimes circumstances make it difficult to do what is on your heart.  We believe God is able to make a way for anyone with a heart to be part of the Visioneering Team to fulfill their commitments, but we won’t ever ask you to catch up on a commitment, or put pressure on you to give.